In this section you find impressions about our module 


Have look at the impressions of our meeting in Lissabon and the outcomes of our second module.

Photo Gallery Freeze Images 

Have a look at the freeze images about needs our students produced.

Poem about Gratefulness

We love this poem by Jolenda Elsener! Hope you love it, too. 

Work Sheet Needs 

Here is our worksheet about needs. Hope you can use it, too!

List of Needs

This list of needs might be useful for your teaching, too. 


Click here and you will find our PPT about finding connection and developing a vision for change. 


Have a look at the floor cards we used. 

More Products 

Worksheet Biodiversity

With this worksheet you come one step closeer to identifying and  classyfining insects and plants. 

Plan for School 

Here is a picture of a plan, made by our students on how we could change the outer environment of our school yards.

Species Extincion  

In this PPT you learn more about the mass extinction of insects. 

Bees PPT

Bees are so fascinating! Dive into their world and learn more about them here. 


In this booklet you learn more about fertilising and its effects on the environment.  

Mass Extinction

This flyer summarizes the most important facts about the insercts mass extinction.


One more presentation about a bees life for pollen and honey.  

Time for New Plagues 

Right after land use changes, the climate crisis is the second biggest challenge to biodiversity. 

Love the Bees

We just love the bees. Have a look at this beautifully drawn flyer of one of our students!

Our Summary 

Here you find a short summary of our week.