"In a circular economy, waste doesn't exist. 
Products are designed to be reused or recycled, and nature reuses everything. 
It's time to follow nature's lead."

Ellen MacArthur


our program 

Here you can check out our program for the week, we spent together in Germany. 

group needs

 Each morning a need was introduced, with the invitation to focus on this need and strategies to fulfill it. 


Watch us dance and connect with each other. 

flyer circular economy

Check out our student's flyer about circular economy.

find someone

Here's the first worksheet  we used to reconnet with each other.


We took a walk around the school environment and collected things for our mandalas. Find the worksheet here.


We used different reflection sheets during the week. Here you find an example.

more reflection

Here you find another example of our reflection tasks.

and another one

Because we think reflection is so important, we really took the time to let the new experiences settle in.


Here you find our task for our twinspace.

balance keeping 

When we work a lot and deal with hard topics its important to keep balance. This worksheet helped us keeping it!

matching needs

What did we do to match our needs?